A lucid dream is a dream during which one is aware that they are dreaming. But why would anyone care to do such a thing and how is it possible? There is much to explore, but here are a few reasons and tips to get started.

Why Lucid Dream?

  1. FOR FUN! Dream land is a place where possibilities are limitless. You can fly, move through objects, make things appear and disappear, visit places, talk to people, and more! Use lucid dreaming as a way to get creative with your imagination. 

  2. AS A LEARNING TOOL: Dream interpretation can be used to introspect, self-reflect, learn new things, and can be used in divination practices. Learn from what you dreamt or even use this tim...

Do you have a creative block? Loss of inspiration? Get inspired and motivated with some creative prompts below! Use these creative prompts for your journal entries, creative projects in any medium, conversation starters, or just a mindful meditation/thought session. This time, the subject is... dreams!

1. Self Summary

-Self-portrait and intro/ bio

-What are your goals this month and year and the reasons behind them?

-What motivates you?

-What holds you back or does not help you?

-Tools or objects that help you along the way

-Helpful methods, rituals, habits, routines

2. Nightmares

-What is a nightmare you have?

-What is a conscious fear/worry you have?

-What helps you get out of a nightmare or...

Landscapes and scenes are subjects I have always found exciting to paint. When I received a request to paint a street within the city of Chicago through my eyes, I began filing my mind with possibilities. The fun challenge for me was trying to capture the energetic feel of the city in a static 2-d representation. The final result is an acrylic painting on a large canvas that brings color and personality to its city home.



Once the commission request came in, I began gathering imagery from around the city. I spent time walking through the streets of Chicago, researching online, creating mood boards and sketches. Though these ideas are not se...

Commissions are open! 

I often get a lot of questions about commissions, and I am happy to answer as best I can! Here is a more detailed dive into the world of commissions and the questions I often get asked…

Q: What is a commission and why would I ask for one?

A: A commission is a piece of work that is specifically requested by a customer for themselves or for another recipient. Someone might request a piece because they love an artist’s work but want a specific size, content, mood, and color palette to match their vision.

Q: What is the process of a commission?

A: Please visit my commission page HERE to see samples, reviews, and begin by filling out a form. We will then talk through email or...

I've always seen my creative energy as having a "fuel gauge". When it runs low, it's hard to get the meter back up. So what can we do to get those creative sparks flying again? Here are 10 simple ways to motive and inspire yourself when stuck in a creative block: 

1. "Do what you love, love what you do". Surround yourself with the things and people you love.

It may sound simple, but realizing what you truly want to surround yourself with can effect what you plan on doing. Ask yourself: "what do I actually love doing, eating, spending time on? what are my favorite colors? what art do I like looking at? what movies and shows do I like watching?". When you start to list your interests, you may...

After much thought, testing, designing, reworking, and finalizing... The name "Gold and Fire" came from a combination of ideas. It was a lot of fun coming up with a brand, a way to represent of our work. Here are some of the meanings behind the name and design... 


  • The word “fire” describes the passion, energy and drive someone can have to do anything. Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful source of energy we have to create success in our lives.

  • Fire describes the WILL we have to complete something, it is an intangible, yet very real, phenomena

  • In ceramics, the word “fire” relates to the kiln. Ceramics are placed in the kiln at high temperatures, and in the firing...

Cool rainy days are perfect for cozying up with hot tea and a good book. Our first book of the month is "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" by Gary Chapman. Recommendation after recommendation, this book lived up to its reviews. It is a great perspective on how we can all take some time to really think about how we need to be shown love and how to show others love. Instead of focusing on what we are doing wrong, we can readjust our mindset with a positive outlook and some helpful advice. 

"Love is something you do for someone else, not something you do for yourself." 

– Gary Chapman

This book is a great reminder that since we are all different, it would make...

Ways to Take Positive Actions in Your Life

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