Hi, I'm Jamie!
I provide a creative space to explore, imagine, and dream BIG.


As a creative guide, I teach others how to create their best lives possible through art, crafts, and mindful practices. Combining creativity and fun into daily practices is my specialty! When we get too busy, we can find ourselves getting stuck, lost, or burnt-out. I invite others to transport themselves into realms of possibility to either: find new ideas, get motivated, boost confidence, release blocks, or just have fun creating new things.


In my classes and events, we get creative! Using art, color, mediation, visualization, we explore how to build a foundation for more magical living, how to shift our energy, how to manifest ideas into realities. The act of creating is not only therapy, it provides us a way as humans to express ourselves in this time and place - literally leaving our marks to touch the lives of others.

In my readings and one-on-one sessions, we dive deep! I combine tarot and energy cards to provide big-picture insights from spirit. Tapping into intuitive skills, I light up pathways with more clarity.

With my current project, The Key Tarot, I am excited to be creating a magical realm of tarot archetypes with full color photography and design.



  • BFA in photography and graphic design from UIUC

  • Certified Chakra (Energy) Healer from IICT

  • Over 16 years of studying and practicing in spiritualities, philosophies, and religions of the world



After going through an awful series of events in my late 20's, including heartbreaks, car accidents, and long-lasting sickness, I was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, haunted by nightmares, and generally felt stuck with a longing for more in my life. My lack of happiness and purpose at my job was just a cherry on top!


I knew changes had to be made! Taking my time to heal, transform, and empower myself back to a state of happiness took time. It's always a work in progress, right?


I now share the things that have helped me most, guiding others through dark times. Once we heal the past, we can move forward into a life with more self-confidence, trust, happiness and love. My methods include art and creativity, dream work, guided meditations and visualizations, as well as energy readings.


If you are feeling out of sorts and in need of some 1:1 guidance, please don't hesitate to ask for a quick call. Let's work together to create a life full of purpose, love, fun, and happiness!

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