Flower Power: Creating with Nature

It is springtime, which means... flowers are blooming! If you think about a time when you may have received flowers as a gift, or given them, or planted some, or maybe just walked by a garden... it's easy to recognize the feelings they bring. Flowers fill our lives with such love and positivity. They are signs of birth and new growth, abundance, love, fertility, healing, and connection. What are some ways we can welcome these gifts into our lives?

"Mother Nature speaks to us in flowers"

Standard Uses

  • Plant them in your garden to add beauty to your home, or to attract certain creatures

  • Hang them upside-down to dry them, then display or use in recipes, teas, etc.

  • Press them in a heavy book to preserve them, then display or use in artwork, journals, etc.

  • And of course, give them as gifts!

  • Donate your event flowers to charities like Random Acts of Flowers or direct to hospitals to spread the love

DIY: Creating, Healing, Divination

  • Make a self-love bath with rose petals

  • On a piece of paper, write "yes" on one side and "no" on the other. Throw the petals in the air above the paper. Notice where most of the petals land.

  • Write wishes or other messages on their petals and blow them into the wind. Find a dandelion for an abundance of wishes!

  • Brew up a tea for your intentions

  • Create a tincture or extract for long term consumables

  • Create an essential oil to be used long term for skin care or aromatherapy

  • Learn new floral home remedies

Choosing Flowers

If you are unsure what flowers to pick (it's hard not to love them all!), remember what you want to be welcoming into your life. A few quick tips:

  • Trust your instincts. What flowers are you immediately attracted to?

  • Trust your 5 senses: Choose based on color, smell, feel (maybe even taste if you are using them in a recipe! Look up if it is edible first). Sound? I'll leave that one up to you ;)

  • If you are choosing flowers for a specific purpose, take some time to research. For instance, if you desire a calming tea, you may want to look for lavender or chamomile.

  • For consumable flowers, also do your research. You do not want to bring home plants that may harm your animals, family, or yourself. If you have a pet, be aware of poisonous plants!

Year round, flowers can bring us so many good feelings! Have you thought of more ways to use flowers? Let us know, join the discussions on your favorite social:

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