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If you've been feeling stuck, uncertain, lost, or burnt-out... you've come to the right place!
I combine tarot and chakras for a full understanding. With tarot, I help you tune into your story line (past, present, future). With Chakra readings, I help you understand where your energy imbalances are on your story line.
My goal is to leave you feeling more motivation, inspiration, confidence, and clarity on your path.




DISCLAIMER: Please note that all sessions are supplementary services and NOT meant to replace medical professional services or medications.


"I received a Tarot and Chakra reading from Jamie at a time that I really needed some clarity and guidance. Like many, I lost my job and was feeling directionless and stressed. Jamie helped me focus my energy on a specific question, which alone helped me feel more calm. I felt supported and empowered at the same time being able to mix the deck and pick my cards (or did they pick me?). Jamie helped me understand the messages the universe was sending me through thoughtful interpretations and patiently answering all of my questions and impressions. When I started to wander with anxiety and stress, she helped me center. Jamie even gave me specific mantras and actionable steps to help my heart and crown chakras! I can’t recommend a session with Jamie enough. You will feel peaceful, supported and really listened to. I’m definitely going to make these readings part of my self care practice for my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Thank you, Jamie!!" 💕✨

- Anna, Founder of Busy Body Retreats

"I had a new year reading with Jamie and I loved it! I left the reading with a little more insight and a game plan for the upcoming year. I particularly like that she gave me options for the style of tarot reading I was interested in and that she explained exactly what the cards meant—down to the colors used on it! I love that during our conversation, she really took the time to listen to my heart and gave me time to breathe and listen to my heart as well." ❤️

- Eugee, Singer + Songwriter

"First of all, I am so grateful that I met this wonderful soul in this lifetime🙏 Second, I had a chance to attend a couple of her events and it was packed with kindness, wisdom, creativity, and compassion! I am continually learning from her about energy, creativity, self-love, and all things ’witchy’." 

- Asta, Transformational Coach at A Start Living

"I was given an amazing reading that was absolutely spot on! I would highly recommend and will definitely be back!"

- Lux, Aspiring YouTuber


Hi, I'm Jamie. I would love to help guide you on your path.

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