Spring Forward with Positive Actions

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"- Hepburn

Happy Spring Equinox! You may have noticed around you, the blooming buds, birds chirping, more sun and temperatures rising. Winter is slowly coming to an end, and hopping into spring means brighter days! Our moods and energy levels can be greatly effected by the weather, amount of sunlight, and our general environment. Even on cloudy days, there are ways to boost your mood and focus energy towards your life goals.

Many people think of this time of year as a time for spring cleaning and getting creative! Out with the old, let’s do a refresh! It is a great time for that, but it is also a time for planting seeds - literally and metaphorically. Outside, it is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It is the perfect time to really plan out that garden and plant the seeds you want to have growing in late spring and summer, and so on. Looking within ourselves, it is also the perfect time to think of what we want to grow in our lives.

Remember on January 1st, the New Year, all those resolutions you made? Or maybe thought of making? Take these next few weeks to reflect on any goals you have been making. What is working? What isn’t? Planting seeds means taking action. If you haven’t already, think about all the “seeds” you really need to plant in order to start seeing results.

Ways to Take Positive Actions:

1. Let go of What isn’t Working

If you haven’t already, reflect on this year and think about what’s been holding you back. Bad habits, messy environments, toxic relationships… it’s time to cleanse yourself of these things that have been hovering around like ominous skies. Detox yourself, your space, and lighten up!

2. Create a Nurturing Environment

Spring is meant for sunshine and rain - things that will help and nurture new growth. Like a literal garden, surround yourself with the things you love and that make you happy. A nurturing environment means setting yourself up for success. What are things that help you reach your goals and be your best self? Going on walks, enjoying nature, spending time with supportive friends and family, making yourself a healthy meal, clean out the house, hang up some inspiring artwork, create a mood board or a journal. Make your space a place you feel happy, energized and motivated!

3. Embrace the Season

Each season has unique sets of associations. In the spring, we shed our big coats and blankets, open windows, spend more time outside. Nature itself is making moves too… providing us with seasonal foods like asparagus, carrots, apricots. Embrace what spring has to offer by enjoying fresh fruits and salads, wearing fun spring colors, or finding something new to do outside…

4. Plant Those Seeds!

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy activities. Use this time to explore some inner growth. It’s the time for action, so less talk more walk. What do you want to create in your life? Do you want a home garden? Start planting those seeds. Do you want to eat healthier? Find simple recipes and get cooking. Do you want to learn something new? Join a local class or find free lessons on YouTube. While it is an important step, wishing and hoping and wanting can only get you so far. Find ways to take action on your goals so that you can soon see real world results.

What goals do YOU have this year? What steps will you take to reach them?

Enjoy the warmth, happy spring!


Do you have new goals for spring?

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