Creative Prompts # 1: Your Dreams

Do you have a creative block? Loss of inspiration? Get inspired and motivated with some creative prompts below! Use these creative prompts for your journal entries, creative projects in any medium, conversation starters, or just a mindful meditation/thought session. This time, the subject is... dreams!

1. Self Summary

-Self-portrait and intro/ bio

-What are your goals this month and year and the reasons behind them?

-What motivates you?

-What holds you back or does not help you?

-Tools or objects that help you along the way

-Helpful methods, rituals, habits, routines

2. Nightmares

-What is a nightmare you have?

-What is a conscious fear/worry you have?

-What helps you get out of a nightmare or stop it all together?

-What archetype/persona do you take on to challenge your fears?

-What guides/friends/allies do you have during dark times?

-What tools, objects, routines/rituals help ward off nightmares or fears?

-How can you banish your nightmares forever?

3. Dream Life

-What is your bedtime routine? Wake-up routine?

-What is one of your favorite dreams?

-If you could choose to have a certain dream at night, what would it be? and Why?

-Do you feel all 5 senses when you dream or daydream?

-Do you lucid dream, astral plane, realize your consciousness?

-Do you have a method of consciousness awareness? Objects/totems/habits/rituals?

4: Dream Journal

-Do you keep a dream journal? A daily dairy? Bullet Journal? Planner?

-Did something this month help you achieve a goal?

-Did something hold you back from achieving a goal?

-Post your accomplishments! Share your creations or goals you have accomplished this month. Even if you haven’t completed something, let’s hear about the progress so far!

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