Defense Against the Dark Arts (Protection)

Defense Against the Dark Arts for Protection

When one thinks about "dark forces", it is easy to picture terrifying entities straight out of a horror movie - ghosts, demons, zombies and vampires are all things that can haunt our dreams at night. But what about in real life? It isn't like we are going to encounter life-threatening monsters on our way to work (thank goodness). But, we do deal with plenty of unseen forces, energy vampires, toxic relationships and environments on a day-to-day basis. If you think these things do not effect you, it could be that denial that keeps you in the dark. While I do want to discuss all the types of dark forces there are out there, I wanted to start with an intro on protection. It is best to know first how to deal with encounters before introducing the types of encounters, because once you become aware of any threats, you will be armed and ready!

1. Ground and Center

Beginning most practices with a quick grounding and centering will help keep you calm, focused, aware, and provide you with more clarity and insights on what you need to do in each situation. A quick way to get yourself grounded and centered is to take a deep breath, close your eyes if you can, bring your awareness to your breath while clearing your mind. If you are in a panic, try counting down from 10 or the sensory method: name 1 thing you can see, hear, taste, touch, smell as you take in your deep breaths.

2. The Bubble Method

Once you are relaxed, imagine yourself completely inside of a bubble - above your head to below your feet. Imagine your favorite color or element filling and surrounding you inside this bubble. As the visualization becomes clear and stronger, allow the feelings of protection and comfort become stronger as well. Allow each deep breath to release anxiety.

4. Call in Reinforcements

When in need of immediate guidance or in a panic, call upon your most trustworthy guides and allies. These can be spirit guides, ancestors, spirit animals, totems, ascended masters, angels, etc.

4. Elemental Circle

Walk around your room or area that you will be within. At each point of direction (north, east, south, west), acknowledge and thank and ask for protection from the elemental spirits associated with each direction as you walk around. North = earth, east = air, south = fire, west = water. You can also use the actual elements along with you: salt and crystals, water, fire, and smoke/aroma for air. Bring anything you need into this circle and visualize the protective energy in this circle. Remember when leaving, to re-open the circle in reverse, once again expressing gratitude to all helpful guides and spirits.

5. Mudras, Totems, and other Grounding items

Find something that works for you and that you will feel comfortable doing in public. Set an intention for your object or other trigger so that when you use these tings, it will intend to keep you safe.

  • Wave of the Hand: A hand motion can be very powerful to get you into a state of mind. You can try cupping your hands together to form a strong bond, or touching your thumb to your index finger to signal your guides. Make your own hand motion (that you won't mind doing in public) and set your protective intention to it. Train this "trigger" in your mind by doing this hand motion every time you feel unsafe or overcome with anxiety or panic.

  • Objects: Find yourself a grounding object like a stone, trinket, paper note, piece of jewelry, or other meaningful object that makes you feel calm and safe. Keep it with you and when you feel unsafe or in a panic, hold your object while grounding and centering.

  • Totem: A totem can be a natural object or animal that embodies specific characteristics and powers. I've seen others use their tattoos as totems, religious figures, etc. It is the idea of something that makes you feel empowered. Get creative and make it your own!

  • Aroma: Make yourself an essential oil recipe that will bring on the feelings of being protected and safe.

  • Potion: Create a warm cup of tea or a special elixir of your choice that will calm your nerves. Try soothing camomile when you want to feel calm, or a strong coffee when you need energy. Mother nature offers so many helpful plants to combine and use for our benefit. Thank you, mother nature!

  • Sound: A bell, whistle, clap, snap, or hum can be set with an intention as well. For example, think of how some people meditate with a word or sound drawn out in a long exhale. Take note that if you find yourself in a bad state of mind, making a sound can either be attracting to others or banishing, so make sure you have sounds for both - one to attract the protection and one to banish the dark forces.


By Arin Murphy-Hiscock

"World above, world below,

Energy come, energy flow.

Protective light circles 'round me,

Mountain and sky, flame and sea."


Once again, you can get creative and have fun with your protection practices. As long as you are able to set the intention and do this when in need, it can be a very beneficial part of your journey!

Do you use any of these methods or have a personal practice you've created?

Feel free to share with us on the Facebook group!

Creatively Yours,


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