Finding Balance With Yin and Yang

As a Gemini, I can truly attest to the importance of balance between polar opposites. We are TWINS in one body! Gemini mentality has the tendency to bounce back and forth to opposite ends of the spectrum in a matter of seconds, which makes us great for discussions and debates! However, in order to keep peace within our own heads, it is important to remember to center ourselves and find balance between those oppositions. This goes for all the signs, not just Geminis, because many signs may find an imbalance in their energies as well. How do we let our energy flow so that we won’t be too much at one end or the other? To better explain this, I’m diving in to Yin and Yang energies, which is part of Taoist philosophy representing balance, peace, harmony.

The two opposing forces are also complimentary to each other like life and death, night and day, light and dark, masculine and feminine. We see that within both sides, each carries a small circle of the opposite, showing that you truly cannot have fully one without the other.

Think of it in terms of a vessel, as one example. Being and material is Yin, like a physical cup. Its usefulness as a cup is its emptiness (non-matter Yang) within the physical. Without the negative space there is no room for creation or addition. Without the empty space, there is no room for holding water or coffee. The non-material is open to receiving. Receptiveness is just as important as activeness.

The only thing that never changes is change itself

Change produces the ability to grow, live, diminish, die, and be born once more. It is in the natural order of the universe to be constantly changing. We see this in nature within everything, but what if we take a look at man-made objects like a computer or machinery? Turns out, at the base of every computer is its dual function in choices between “yes and no”, or “on and off”. It is called binary code and is represented as 1 and 0. So yes, even inanimate objects and man-made objects are effected by this fluidity of nature.

“You could say that all your perceptions, in all their variety and all their color, are made up of a vast composite of little yeses and nos.” – Alan Watts

More examples where we can see this in constructs like our personal emotions, politics, our actions or choices. When one side becomes too dominate, the opposition must react by growing to match so that it can level-out the balance once again. When a human being is too polarized in one, they may feel out of balance whether they are aware of it or not. This will manifest itself in an unbalance of emotions, actions, and possibly even physical ailments.

How do you get that balance back?

Here are a few tips you can start practicing today to get back into the flow state:

  • Be open-minded to change, trust that change is neutral – neither “good nor bad”

  • In actions you carry out or in an action towards you, take a moment to observe and decide whether or not you need to remain passive or take action

  • Practice being like water. Water has the power to receive and flow, but it also has the forceful power to push

  • Practice being like fire. Fire has the power to light up a room to help see, but it also has the power to destroy

  • When you feel a ver­­­y strong emotion, recognize if it is yin or yang, then introduce the opposite: When you feel sad and alone, introduce something that makes you happy and connected. When you feel weak, introduce something that makes you feel strong.

  • Practice viewing things from the other side, be your own devil’s advocate (meaning, what if someone had the opposite view as you and challenged your opinion?)

  • Practice non-action: Allowing yourself to be quiet and patient instead of instantly reacting.

  • Love your light, love your shadow… as they are both YOU.

Remember that we cannot have felt happiness without having felt sadness too. We would not know what light is if it was not for being in the dark. Recognize both parts of yourself and embrace them equally.

Much love on your adventures through both yin and yang!

If you are feeling unbalance, feel free to reach out to me and we can see if you'd like to work together.

Creatively Yours,


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