From Monotonous to Motivational: Creating a Morning Routine That Works

You just had the most amazing weekend with your closest friends, spending time at the lake, drinking wine, sharing stories by the fire and staying up until the wee hours of the morning gossiping and enjoying the moment. Fast forward to the current moment: 6AM on a Monday morning. Your alarm sounds like a freight train on the nightstand next to you. You throw your hand around aimlessly trying to hit snooze, eyes tightened shut, desperately searching for 6 more minutes of sleep. 6 minutes go by and the alarm goes off again. You turn it off, lay in bed dreading the day ahead. You find yourself going through today’s schedule in your head. Next, you grab your phone again to uselessly scroll through the 45 e-mails that piled up over the weekend: delete, archive, mark as read. The anxiety starts to heighten and all you want to do is sleep, but, NO if you lay there any longer you’re going to be late. Oh, but you decide now is a good time to peruse Facebook and Instagram scrolling and reading to find relief in other people’s whining. All this negativity before you even roll out of bed can’t be healthy! Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. How in the world do you know this much? Well, let’s just say… you’re not alone. Most of us follow these same mundane, painstaking steps every single morning and then wonder how anyone can wake up feeling refreshed and happy to start their day. I have a little secret… the most important part of your day lies in your morning routine. Don’t have one? That’s okay- today is the day you decide to add one to each day going forward. Don’t worry! It will be quick, painless and refreshing… maybe even fun too. The best part? You start out your day on the right foot! Sound good?

Morning routines, once established, give you LIFE. You wake up happy, ready and empowered to take on all that lies ahead. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that? Morning routines provide positive health, mental and spiritual benefits that aid you in being the best version of you. Here’s another secret: creating a morning routine is totally in reach and can be established by anyone looking to wake up happy. Still not totally convinced that this is what will change your day-to-day? Let’s talk about some of the benefits for a second.

Once you create a routine, your stress, depression, and anxiety levels will begin to lower drastically. You’ll begin to realize that you feel happier, more motivated and have a lot more energy than you used to. Physically speaking, lowing the anxiety and stress as you wake reduces your risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. You elongate your life. Hello, long, happy, stress-free life! Your level of self-control, focus and efficiency increases both at home and at work. Morning routines create structure in your life. Structure + focus + reduced stress and anxiety = higher life success.

Now let’s focus on how to create a morning routine that reaps the benefits we discussed. Below are some suggestions to implement into your morning. Pick and choose as you see fit for your own personal schedule and lifestyle. Feel free to add a personal spin to make them fully tailored to your needs!

1. Create and maintain a set bedtime each night and waking time in the morning. Ensure you get at least 6 hours (or more!) of sleep.

2. Wake up with ample time to complete all of your morning tasks. Do not wake up feeling rushed.

3. Work out! Getting your body moving first thing in the morning has a multitude of health and mental benefits.

4. Stretch, do yoga, pray, be thankful.

5. Do not begin your day with electronics. Focus on your own being- mental and physical. Your work email can totally wait until you get to work. Work/life balance is key to personal wellbeing.

6. Start each day with a positive mantra and mindset.

7. Before getting out of bed take a few good deep breaths to oxygenate your mind, body and soul.

8. Take in healthy, wholesome food that will nourish your body and give you the energy you need to take on the day.

9. Educate yourself on your "why". What is your motivation to be successful today? Don’t lose sight of why you began your routine in the first place.

10. Understand that any routine takes time to perfect. Allow yourself room to change, feel and be present within your own routine.

Morning routines are key to overall life success, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Although we may feel as though we don’t have time, aren’t “morning people”, can’t handle another monotonous routine or don’t believe in ourselves sometimes, I promise you that creating a routine that allows you to begin your day flooded in positivity will make all the difference in the world. You are the most important key to your success.

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Written by: Cat Frias

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