How to Create a Crystal & Succulent Energy Garden

If you have been eyeing our events from afar but are unable to attend, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make your own energy garden at home! Choosing your favorite succulents and crystals will make this a personal creation that will bring positive energies into your life!

The idea here is to set intentions each month with your garden and let the motivation and manifestation begin. Not sure what crystals to choose? Take a moment to self-reflect on what intentions you would like to set for yourself. Do you want more self-love, confidence, spiritual connection, protection, abundance, prosperity? Search online for a crystal that will bring this energy into your life. Still not sure? I recommend starting with your favorite color/stone that you are attracted to, or with clear quartz since it is much like an all-purpose crystal.


Planter with drainage hole (recommended clay or terracotta)



Plant Soil

Plant food

Optional Décor:

Filler rocks

Decorative moss

Chalkboard Sign + Chalk


1. As your first layer, put a scoop of soil in your planter. Don’t fill it up yet, you will add more later.

2. Pick a few of your favorite succulents, carefully break up the dirt a little into the first layer of soil, integrating into the new soil. “Much like introducing a goldfish into its new water, you will want to introduce your succulents into the new soil.” – Stephanie H. (from Gold and Fire Community Events). Add in extra soil on top to secure your plants as needed.

3. Once the succulents are set in place, begin adding your other decorative elements.

4. Filler rocks and moss can be placed all over or in specific spots to create a “garden” look.

5. Don’t forget to add in your crystals!

6. Set your intention for the month: Take a moment to self-reflect on your intentions or goals and write down a word or phrase with chalk on your chalkboard sign. You can change your sign as many times as you want in the future. Place your sign in your garden.

Quick care tips:

-Succulents love sunshine! Make sure your plants get sunlight

-Water near the base of your plant to avoid leaf rot. In humid climates, succulents only need 1 tablespoon every 1-2 weeks. In dry climates, use 1-2 tablespoons every week.

-If leaves are falling off the top, you may be watering too much

-If leaves are falling off the bottom, don’t worry, this is natural and part of growing

-Certain crystals fade in sunlight (like smoky quartz and amethyst), be sure to do some research and if your crystal starts fading, be sure to give it a little break in the shade.

Complete! Congrats, you now have a beautiful garden to display at home or at work. May your day be filled with positivity!

Much love from,

Jamie and Stephanie

Plan on making a garden? We would love to see it and feature it on our social pages! Share with us, tag us on Instagram @ofgoldandfire or facebook page Gold and Fire.

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