Life Lessons from Luna Lovegood and Bob Ross

You know the feeling when you look someone in the eye, maybe smile or share a gesture, and make an unexplained (or explained) connection? You can find it in a friend, loved ones, or sometimes a stranger passing by. It’s such a great feeling that even if, for second, someone understands what you are thinking or feeling. I call these people “kindred spirits”. Sometimes we can see kindred spirits in the strangest places - at the park, a local shop, or maybe even living at a different time, place, or in this case… a whole other universe. While Bob Ross lived here on earth as a human being, I never actually met him in person.

The same goes for Luna…

I know you’re probably thinking, “Of course you’ve never met her, she’s a fictional character from a book!”. And yet, here I am… finding myself connecting with both of these people on a deeper level than some humans I’ve met in real life. What am I to make of that? What are any of us to think when we make a connection and realize maybe we are “kindred spirits”?

First off, smile! This is an amazing realization! To find even a small connection in another human being when there are 7.6 billion of us out there is surely something of a small miracle, right?! Whether you think so or not… I think we can take these moments of connection as a signal to ask ourselves a few things: Why did I feel a connection or what specifically did we connect on? What emotion did that connection bring me? What do I choose to make of this?

To answer the third for myself, I have chosen to regard them as some of my kindred spirits and role models. I can look up to the lessons they teach, their mannerisms, good qualities, and maybe even style. (If you want to see me testing the waters of the afro life, keep scrolling!).

To help understand what I love about them so much, I’ve put together a list of lessons they can teach us all!

Luna Lovegood

“Always be yourself because if you're not yourself who are you?

Answer… Someone else therefore not being you at all.” 

*Be brave

*Believe in yourself and your weird, quirky, uniqueness and OWN IT

*Don’t listen to the haters

*Stand up for beliefs you know are truly good in this world

*See the good in others and show them what you see

*Show love and kindness to all living creatures

*A smile, laughter or playfulness can brighten someone’s day

*Embrace your inner child and have fun

Bob Ross

“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

*You have the power to create your own life, surround yourself by things that make you happy

*You can do anything you put your mind to

*From darkness, comes light

*We’ve all had tough times, let’s be kind to one another

*It’s ok to make a mistake - it might actually work out for the better

*Feelings of sadness and anger are fleeting, not a permanent state

*Beauty is everywhere

*Love and appreciate Mother Nature

*Be like a tree - and grow the way that makes you happy

And finally, photos of me as… Bob Ross! I thank my friend Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to be Bob Ross for a night, teach some painting and look super cool in an afro! What do you think? haha. (Ok maybe not so much🤣)

Yea... I don't think I'll be living the "fro" life... But hey, it was fun for a night!

Do you feel a connection to Luna Lovegood or Bob Ross? Would love to hear about it!

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